Celebrating birthdays


Do you do anything for your birthdays?

I sort of want to do something this year (as in just go for some beers in a different city) but there’s something very weird about being like “come celebrate me for being born” so I don’t wanna organise anything

Usually go down to that London place cause my old uni flatmate shares the same birthday so we do a thing with old uni pals. That’s okay cause it’s a split thing


happy birthday!! in three weeks


no, I don’t even get one present or a happy birthday.

everyone hates me!


cheers! (not for 3 weeks)


I try to ignore it as best as possible


aw bam! when’s your birthday? ill send you something


Quite like going away on my own for my birthday. You stop celebrating them after your 21st really, in terms of big gifts and parties and that anyway, bar the landmark ones. I’ve always felt embarrassed receiving gifts, so find doing your own thing a way around that. Still treat myself on the day - night in a hotel, bit of shopping, some nice foot, etc.


nah it’s ok, but thanks :slight_smile:


usually go out for a meal with the wife on the actual day and low key drinks with a few ATDs sometime nearby


Yep, usually throw a party / go for dinner / drinks / all of the above.

I turn 35 this year and I really wanted to have a party but I’m getting married three days after my birthday so it’ll probably be something really low key.


I like to have a birthmonth.


I’m with you, I always find it a bit weird and the admin often does my head in. It’s mine on Wednesday so I’ve taken the day off.

Plan is to go for an early morning cycle then some lunch in Bethnal Green with my wife then a film then to the pub to meet a select few pals. Low key.


I hate having birthdays. It was mine last weekend and I felt like I had to acknowledge it for the first time in 4 years, because 25 is sort of a milestone. Went for a meal and drinks in town, which is an ordinary Saturday evening activity, but I felt immense pressure and awkwardness. Other people seem keen on making a big deal of these things. I don’t have my birthday on FB, which is partly because I have no reason to give FB that personal information, but also because awkward.


Never do anything, except a couple of years ago as it fell on a saturday and thought that was probably the last time that would happen while I was vaguely young, so invited people to the pub.

Found it a bit of a minefield, wanted to invite people a bit beyond my inner circle, so added a few people I know less well but I like to the list, but then it was like these people might think its weird I’m inviting them and not other people they know that I know to a similar level, so consider adding them, but then the list is in that liminal state between ‘actual friends’ and invite my whole friend list free for all situation, and didn’t want to appear over familiar to these third tier people, like they might think I think we are good friends or something, bit presumptuous, so am being pulled in the direction of just inviting everyone. can’t remember how I resolved it in the end, but it was a good night


christ, man


usually take the day off work, do stuff I like, record shopping and reading at the pub, that kind of thing. Then try to gather a few pals and go to a gig or somewhere there’s dancing in the evening.

would like to have a party but never really live anywhere big enough.


Nah, birthday celebrations are for children/narcissists/childish narcissists.


Lot of ridiculous over thinking in this thread.

Birthdays are not all about the birthday girl/boy, but good excuse to get pals together and have a meal/copious drinks. For everyone’s enjoyment not really to celebrate one person’s continued existence.

Never had a proper party but had nights out obviously and a few of us went away for 30th etc…

Surrender to fun.




Ah g’wan