Celebrities DJing

just remembered the time I saw Grange Hill’s “Zammo” DJing at a bad nightclub in Swindon (think it was called New York, New York"

Pretty sure I also saw Grange Hill’s “Roland” DJing in the same venue

have you ever seen a celebrity DJing (as opposed to a celebrity DJ like Fatboy Slim)?

Pat Nevin (in a bar in motherwell)

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Super Hans has been DJing in character lately. Wouldn’t go myself but people have said it’s fairly enjoyable.

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The guy who played Ted in Grange Hill used to be the resident DJ at Pulse, in Stevenage when I was at school.

I think that Danny Dyer might have been DJing in the town were I first went out for underage clubbing.

Not apart from indie bands DJing at aftershow parties, which are always forgettable affairs.

“oh look at me I play bass in an indie band but I actually also own a copy of an Aphex Twin album as well”


On special occasions, they would have cast members from eastenders DJing there.

Is was a proper bunfight when Marc Bannerman was there.

During one of the worst weekends away I’ve ever had (company team building trip to a 90s weekender at Butlins) I saw Toby Anstis DJing.


Pat Sharp DJed a student event when I was at university (I imagine he does radio DJing, but I guess that’s different to club DJing).

I didn’t go, but a friend told me that halfway through a song he dropped the sound down to do some banter, saying “Who remembers Fun House!?” (everyone cheers), “Who remembers the twins?!” (everyone cheers), “Who used to have a wank over them?” (awkward silence), then back to the music.


I’m not sure that I should but I’m going to risk this in work

I was there, that was my college ball. He was awful, kept getting girls up on stage and being really lewd and offensive to them. Made one girl cry and run off stage.

No way! Ha, I’d always wondered if my friend had made the story worse than it was, but it sounds like ol’ Pat really went for it.

I saw the worst fight of my life at a DJ set down by the guy with glasses from Futureheads (not a celebrity I know)

Steve Davis is meant to be pretty great actually. i missed him doing a set in Belfast recently but heard good things

Accidentally went to dapper laughs in first year. I’m actually very sorry for that

Holy crap, I went to a bar/club night in Camberwell ages ago and this exact scenario played out. He started his set with the Fun House theme, fucked off after a bit while someone else took over, and tried to make out that he’d had a threesome with the twins. Ffs.

can’t hear Pat Sharp’s name without thinking about this


A now-famous singer-songwriter told me a similar anecdote, but involved him being asked if he remembered the twins followed by pat sharp telling him he’d “fucked both of 'em”

Mike Ashley’s son once, in like 2009.