Celebrities in incongruous places


Remember when Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart went on a narrow boat holiday in Llangollen?


Saw Frank Skinner getting off a train at kings cross on Tuesday


Met Vanessa Feltz in the Colosseum


Jean Claude Van Damme at my local Indian restaurant


Saw Hugh Laurie in Stansted once.


Sean Connery in the MOMA


I would say this is not incongruous as I expect celebrities to fly internationally. For example, I once saw Jack White in Detroit airport, but given the fact he lives in Detroit and regularly travels to different places for work, I would call this a celebrity spot, and not deem it appropriate for this thread.


Not incongruous enough.


Prince Naseem Hamed at my parents house


I’ll accept this one. But it strikes me as the kind of place she would like to visit.


You might be related for all I know, why was this incongruous.


bill nighy is very often just stood pensively in the street near where i work


She was with that personal trainer guy that she was going out with many years ago


He was apologising to my Dad for getting him kicked out of Brendan Ingles gym and Nas wasn’t known for being humble


Bill Nighy hanging round Kensington is the very opposite of incongruous I’m afraid.





Anything west of Tottenham Court Road blurs into one for me.


:smiley: amazing


Did he stop at one of those foyer pianos and play some achingly authentic blues?