Celebrities spotted in mundane locations

I’ll start:

Ross Kemp; Nando’s, Brixton

Ross Kemp; Nando’s; Reading

Ross Kemp; Nando’s; Majority Good

Ross Kemp; Nando’s, Mogadishu

Ross Kemp, Nando’s; Motherwell

Ross Kemp; Nando’s Bluewater (Water Circus)

Either Ross Kemp has guts of iron, or he goes for the lemon and herb option, or you’re all making shit up


Martin Kemp. TGIs. Bridlington


Margery Kempe; Wahaca; Norwich

I saw David Batty in Colton Sainsbury’s back when he was a top drawer tough tackling midfield general.

it wouldn’t be too often people here would do the latter

I saw Bill Bailey in M&S once

I saw Frank Skinner in M&S once

thank you!

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there was some famous actor in the falafel palce in camberwell last night

James Corden, Nandos
Tom Daley, Asda
Roger Allam, Bakerloo line

Ross Kemp, Nando’s; Ross

Ross Kemp, Nando’s; Kemp

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Stacey Solomon?

is he an actor?

then: yes!