Celebrities spotted in mundane locations

John Cooper Clarke at a 24 hour off-license

just realised I called her stacey dooley in another thread


This has done me.

You wouldn’t think that a place of pop. 1,154 would (a) be classed as a city and (b) be able to sustain a Nando’s

Shit, and the other one is pop. 234! These are not cities.

yeah, not happy with spurious US cities. A city must contain AT LEAST 20,256

I totally get this joke!

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I wonder what the US rules are. We don’t go smaller than 11,000 ish

Wells in Somerset is an ancient cathedral city in the picturesque district of Mendip, set in the heart of rural Somerset. It is known as England’s smallest city – the 2011 census recorded a population of 11,343 (5,259 males & 6,084 females).

Poor Wales! St Davids - Wikipedia

Maybe all these American cities have cathedrals too.

Ben Wilshaw - Costcutter, Broadway Market

Wow, that’s tiny. I guess Wales wins the battle of the home nations unless NI or Scotland have something to offer?

Ben Whishaw - Foyles, Charing Cross Road

Ben Wilshaw - in the vicinity of, but not necessarily visiting London Fields Lido

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Toby Anstis - on the train to Boston, Lincs

Mine are all Nic Cave related

Most mundane was “on the bus”

Fernando Pessoa in LUSH

Bill Oddie, King’s Lynn train station

I walked past bill wells on the way to work this morning

David Schneider in a jewellers on Hatton Garden

Mr B Ody