Celebrities that are the same age as motorways

First, we need a poll about whether we count the motorways age as when they were started or when they were finished, because that could change things dramatically

  • Conception
  • Completion

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I always add nine months to the age of my fave celebs anyway so the conception model for the motorway aging seems perfectly reasonable to me.


completion might be harder to define, given extensions and such

Elon Musk + the M3

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It’s when Mr and Mrs Hanks fucked, mate.

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Ha! I thought this thread had disappeared but she’s back, baby :sunglasses:

Welcome, everyone. Looks like we’re in for a wild ride if you’ll pardon the pun!!

(Because you can call them car rides, you see.)

i don’t get this

We’ll go with completion, sorry ant x

I was imagining the conception of Tom Hanks (one of my fave celebs)

Mancunian Way is the same age as Vin DIESEL.

Makes u think.


M11 and randy orton. No brainer.

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And it’s 2, 4, 6, 8, celebrity!

I had a friend who was so enamoured with Vin Diesel she made herself cry in the cinema queue so I’d agree to see the film XXX (she’d lured me under false pretences).
It was terrible and I laughed out loud lots at, apparently inappropriate times.
(he jumped over a building in a motorbike :joy:)


My only other enduring memory I have of the film is that it contained the wholly original line
“I told him smoking would kill him!”

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IN a motorbike? Wow.

The UK’s friendliest motorway, the M8, is the same age as Mads Mikkelsen


The M6 (Preston by-pass) is the same age as Dustin Hoffman!

On, in, whatever. It was ridiculous.

M9. Newbridge - Kirkliston and Forth Bridge Connecting Roads
Gwen Stefani!

Shania Twain: M8!

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