Celebrities who seem to have the personality of cardboard


Yes this is Heat magazine.

Lewis Hamilton always seems to be an exceedingly uninteresting bloke considering he’s a F1 world champion.

Also Jonah Hill is always bizarrely sullen considering he’s the opposite in film.

Man I can already feel this thread is going to be a roaring success :tiger:


99% of footballers


Ben Stiller always seems a bit dour in interviews.


Most sportspeople fit that catgeory don’t they? Any post-match(-race, whatever) interview could just as well be conducted with a random quote generator.


Don’t think it’s surprising that almost all elite sportsmen/women are complete bores really. Got to be so single-minded from such a young age and pretty much refuse to have a social life. It’s a wonder any of them are even remotely interesting


Michael Owen especially.


Owen would still be exactly the same if he left school at 16 to work on the dockyards the absolute cunt.


One of the things that I do is read the old Guardian Q+A every weekend.

The person who’s been on it who’s offended me most with their sheer banality is Bear Grylls. Bloke’s an absolute lettuce.


Baker, obviously.


Always thought he’s a survival bore. We live in cities mate. No one needs to eat spiders and drink their own piss you bloody dork.


Alastair Cook


Bruce Willis
Steven Gerrard
J Mascis




This is a really great interview with Jonah Hill:

Also, he was lovely when on Graham Norton and sat next to Julie Andrews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AovoWQ2xwc


He’s not going to sleep with you.


thought this was the celebrities your partner wants to sleep with thread and was about to commend this trio


This is where we lampoon celebrities not list after their better than average looks.

Also Trevor Nelson. What a tedious man.


Schteeve Lamacq


Nah Trevor Nelson always comes across as a bit nerdy but passionate about the music he loves, take him over one of the real music bores on BBC 6 any day


Dunno, but I really hate Ed Sheeran. Don’t think he has a cardboard personality but he’s just awful in every conceivable way. He fucking sucks, and the fact hes famous really annoys me, because I don’t think a woman that ugly would even be employed to clean Taylor Swift’s toilet.