Celebrities you have absolutely no clue about

Who is Binky Felstead? Camilla (not The Duchess Of Cornwall, a different one)? Ashlyn Horgan (sp?) ? Mark Wright?

I see these names in newspapers and on websites: who are they all? Any more I should be aware of?

loads, I just don’t really have a clue or opportunity to find out about people that I don’t really want to find out about anyway

I don’t understand how they have become famous though

@anon29812515 and @lucien .


I still don’t know who Brendan Lavistock is

Mark Wright was one of the original members of TOWIE. He went on to become the nation’s darling on Strictly Come Dancing and now co-presents the Cbeebies show Dengeneers, which is effectively DIY SOS for children.

He is made of cellophane and is not to be confused with perma-mulleted hero of Italia 90, also called Mark Wright.

They appeared on TV.

Binky is on Made in Chelsea.

Don’t know which Camilla you mean.

Aieslyne Horgan was on Big Brother.

Mark Wright was on The Only Way is Essex.

No, he became a darling on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, because he had a genuinely endearing bromance with Dougie out of McFly.

Stacy solo-who!?

Christ! Was he on that as well?

So many dubious badges of honour being angled for in this thread…


Do YOU know who Dan Bilzerian is?

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Ooooh Mark Wright


Camilla is current Love Island contestant and darling of the nation.

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i think that’s them all gone now

Camilla has been mentioned a lot recently only without a surname. Is it Big Brother again?


Most of them.

Name a celebrity and I probably won’t know who they are.

Michael Jackson.