Celebrity big brother 2018


starts tonight

Jermaine Pennant likely going in., lovely stuff

Noel Edmonds rumoured


I was really , really hoping this was a typo



Please god


do people still watch this shit ?


Do people still cycle?




probably. Idiots. I don’t but well done for getting fooled by my profile pic dumbass.


Plenty of other threads here mate


fackin hell. You clearly got a bit defensive over your favourite tv show but it’s a fair question, do people still watch this shit ? can’t have very good viewing figures can it. And I’ll post where I like thanks.


Just weird to go into a thread of something you don’t like isn’t it?

Around 2m viewers I believe.


I did use to watch it, but it died a death years ago I thought.


rumoured as:
Stormy Daniels
Gabby Allan (Love Island)
Dan Osbourne
Sally Morgan (psychic)
Kirstie Alley
Ben Jardine (Married At First Sight - no idea)
Natalie Nunn (??)
Roxanne Pallett (Emmerdale)
Chloe Ayling (kidnapped, not kidnapped)
Nick Leeson (!!!)
Rodrigo Alves (human Ken doll)
Ryan Thomas (zzz)
Jermaine Pennant


Paris Lees was supposed to go in but changed her mind, apparently.


So did Edmonds say No Deal to it then?


Ryan Thomas is a charisma free zone.

Looks a week line-up to me but Chloe Ayling, Kirstie Alley and Stormy could be fun.


I think they broadcast Sunday too




apparently theres a big name secret guest

Paul Chuckle probably


another valuable contribution from Richie_Ronco!


This is just rumour obvs, Edmonds would be brilliant.