Celebrity big brother 2018

Do they still do live feeds? I can’t see the producers risking Edmonds saying something legally actionable about Lloyd’s Bank if so.

On the other hand, it would be quite funny if he spent 90% of his time in the house railing against the bank and they edited it all out.

Also IN.

Really hope Noel Edmunds isn’t going in.

Heard Jonathan from Queer Eye was going in, not interested otherwise

No chance, as wonderful as that would be

I want Emma Willis’ hair.

She has super style

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kirstie alley IN

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The first contestant going straight to the diary room. What a twist!

Jason Grimshaw!

I hate making small talk at the best of times. If I had to make small talk with KIRSTIE ALLEY on LIVE TV I’d die.

This guy. He’s like a VR character

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Can’t deal with this guy

Like the way this thread started out like an actual episode of CBB. Straight in there with an argument.

Human Ken to win

Hardeep Singh Kohli is awful

yeah he should be buried by now, not being handed plum roles on big shows

This married at first sight guy is a total weapon.


Kirstie looks like great fun
Roxanne seems normal
Want Jermaine Pennant to spill the beans about Billericay madness

I’m v much hoping that Stormy Daniels and Tiffany Trump are going in for pure drama, and also for Big Don’s Twitter commentary

Roxanne is winning it

Oof. Not sure about using Aretha as her entrance music. Bit off imo

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No Stormy Daniels. Borrrrrring.