Celebrity big brother 2018

thanks, its good to know I’m appreciated.

apologies for being a bit dickish. Wasn’t having a good day yesterday.

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was planning on watching the launch and then completely forgot

I mean obviously I’ve got no idea who any of these people are (other than Pennant), but they must get in there themselves and think “who the fuck are all these people? Is this the level of ‘celebrity’ I’m at?”.

Anyway I won’t be watching for obvious reasons, but I hope you all enjoy your distraction.

You’ve not heard of Kirstie Alley?

Just googled.


Nick Leeson is a huge star

Anyone kept up with this? Is kicked off massively this week.

I was half watching it last night - is this Roxanne totally exaggerating what happened, then? I noticed Big Brother didn’t even try to convince her to stay…

Yes. She’s exaggerated the interaction with Ryan then (despite initially laughing it off, and getting an apology from Ryan when she said it hurt). Then she asked to sleep in a separate room from Ryan as she feared for her safety.

It’s almost like she’s imagined a violent physical assault and has then convinced herself it took place. She is also so deep into her narrative now its backfired massively.

I usually watch it (not atm tho).

I’m perfectly aware that it’s rubbish but I watch it anyway. It’s actually quite good fun watching everyone fall out and argue.

This is all pretty predictably depressing isn’t it. Almost certainly time the programme was binned off imho.

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Channel 5’s exec has said there won’t be any next year, though didn’t clarify if he meant the celeb version, the normal one, or both.

I’ve not been watching it, but I’ve seen the incident, and some of the fallout from it.

What I’m most worried about is it emboldening anyone who claims that false accusations of physical assault are anything other than very, very rare. And in those instances where it is false…there is often further abuse hidden from show (I’m not claiming that to be the case with this).

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Just caught up. I don’t have anything good to say about Roxanne.

Someone just described the Emma vs Roxanne interview just now as Emma metaphorically punching her in the ribs repeatedly.

Pallett’s former TV husband in Emmerdale or whatever it was calling her ‘evil’ on twitter. grim stuff

Do Channel 5 not do the psychiatric tests that Channel 4 used to be before they went in the house?

Anyone watching the final?

I hope Kirstie wins but I think Ryan will.

gave up, dull series