Celebrity big brother 2018


gave up, dull series


There we go


Civilian :grin:


new series seems quite good. Tomasz is great


Yeah I’m gonna give it a go for old time’s sake. Seems a decent bunch of characters.


I’m getting sucked in - seem like a good bunch, mostly aside from the Lewis that doesnt seem to be able to sit still. Akeem is extremely attractive.


yeah its been really good so far. think it helps the tasks have been fun, and it doesnt seem full of fame hungry people. Lewis is so annoying but hes fun to watch


Anyone watching? Has been wonderful entertainment.

Love Island’s success means that it doesn’t have to manufacture relationships and can focus on the best parts of BB- the drama and the comedy. The plane task is great.


started it, got bored after lewis g left



  1. Cameron
  2. Zoe
  3. Cian
  4. Akeem

First half of the series was great, has completely died off though, especially after Lewis was booted.