Celebrity Big Brother

Starts tomorrow, all stars vs new stars.

Seems Nicola McLean, Jamie O Hara, Brandon Block and the Beast off the chase are dead certs. All rumours are for the all stars to be off the C5 series of CBB but if that means Speidi and Perez sbould be great. No David Gest :frowning:

Stevi Ritchie confirmed!!!



Think your source about Gest might be wrong actually.

pete burns and david gest rip

who are the couple going in? stevi and chloe? should be speidi over them, or bridgette and jackie. or jedward, obvs. chantelle and preston already did ultimate bb.

i reckon if jedward go in then theres a slim chance tara reid will too.

hope lauren harries and tiffany pollard go in

be good value if any of these go in again too:
carol mcgiffin
la toya jackson
lee ryan
chloe khan
vanessa feltz
dane bowers
natalie cassidy

bet they wish they could afford ivana trump again.

watch it be stevi & chloe, mc harvey, colleen nolan and jonathan fucking cheban,

what a way to go
after this

but before he could do this


How is this still a thing.


I think its Speidi, theyve been spotted at some hotel

It seems all the all stars are only from the C5 run which is a bit disappointing. They should defo het Andrew Stone and Louie Spence in though

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Stevi was brilliant though. One of my favourite moments is when Chloe Jasmine was crying again about how she doesnt think Stevi loves her and he isnt there fornjer, while innthe backgroind in the house you could see Stevi dancing with his shirt undone on thebstairs

Entrants one: Speidi!

Entrant two: James Jordan

Entrant three : Jasmine Waltz

i’m not watching it live (adverts can fuck off) but i hope lee goes innnn

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Entrant 4: Ray J!

Watch it penners! Speidi have matching coats with their names on

Entrant 5: Bianca Gascoigne

Entrant 6: austin armacost

You’re just making these up now.

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Entrant 7: Coleen Nolan

Entrant 8: James Cosmo