Celebrity Big Brother

Entrant 9: Stacey Francis (dunno either)

ray j’s ALLEGED ex (was meant to have fought with whitney over him)
was in a girl group in the early 90s and did x factor usa

hardly a fucking cbb allstar is he

Entrant 10: brandon block

Yeaj all I remember is him being vile to Janice Dickinson

Ohhh that explains the weird embrace

None of those people actually exist


Just switched over from Die Hard 2 to see what was going on - James Cosmo? Oh mate.

Entrant 11: Nicola McClean


Entrant 12: Jamie O’Hara

Entrant 13: Calum Best

Entrant 14: Angie Best!

Entrant 15: George Best!!


Jedward are in!!!

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Jackie Stallone was the best ever celeb bb housemate

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Jedward AND Speidi!!!

actually gonna have to watch it now jedward have went in, aren’t i?

you mean you havent been?!

John fell off the stage going in