Celebrity Challenge

I’m throwing the gauntlet down and challenging everyone else on DiS.

I declare that I will marry a celebrity before the rest of you.

How we decide who’s a celebrity or not has yet to be agreed - Stacey Solomon may or may not qualify depending on who is on the judging panel.

We can work out the rules as we go along. Sabotaging other participants progress is fair game but the actual wounding or killing of celebrities will be frowned on.

This is not a thread to discuss what celebrities you fancy. I don’t care about that. I want evidence of you dating them and then details of the engagement and wedding celebrations.

I have several irons in the fire already. May the best person win.


My ex-wife was on Wackaday with Timmy Mallet.

Where do I collect my winnings?



I’ve got this sewn up.

The judges panel will have to reflect on this.

Also you will need to remarry her.

How about if you marry someone and then they become famous (or infamous)? Does that count?

We’re still legally married. Just separated.

They have to be famous at the altar.

On Wackaday, you say?

Well, it’s a strong start.

Your timing is impeccable:


I’m dating the grandson of a famous sportsperson who you wouldn’t know of



think I’m going to win this, quietly confident anyway. I don’t actually know any celebrities - but I think this narrowing of my dating focus to celebs only will really work wonders


Also you should really apply to go in celebs go dating for a chance


Oh fuck it.

Are you trying to propose to me?

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Up to the panel.

We’ll be appointing shortly.

Not sure…

Don’t bottle is saps! Carpe diem!

Imagine all the cans on bits of string tied to the back of the taxi as you drive away

You’ll need to dump or two/three/four-time him then. Or get him famous prior to the wedding.

I’m glad you’re declaring yourself a runner.