Celebrity Coach Trip 2019 🚌


Starts on Monday, and Mutya is on it.

Figured there would be huge demand so starting the thread early


OMDAYS I love love that programme. id want Pamela Anderson and Russell Brand. in my bath PEAK.

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I… You what?

I mean what the absolute fuck?

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Look how dirty the water is

Mutya WITH Lisa Mafia, I am pumped.


Has someone shat in that bath?


it wasn’t a bath of water guys


I saw a tinder profile and they said that they’d won a series of coach trip. No match :cry:

Watched these at the weekend. Fucking hell what a bunch of shite celebs. Why do all these things have to be so youth focused. They already ruined normal Coach Trip by making it some Club 18-30 bullshit. Spread it out! Variety is the spice of life.

A bunch of wanks that I don’t know from reality shows and Mutya and Lisa Mafia. Jedward are going to have to pull out all the stops to save this one.

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Whoa Jedward are on it? I haven’t watched any (completely forgot about it) but will have to now.

They haven’t turned up yet, I guess they probably couldn’t cope if they had to be on there for the full two weeks. It’s annoying having to wait for them.

Kind of loving what a shit stirrer Nadia is, though.

Is she the one from only way is Essex? Hadn’t really noticed her.

Her travel partner Bobby is but she was on Celebs Go Dating as an advisory (my husband watches this shit and I sometimes get sucked in)

BTW - watching Camping at the moment after getting NowTV - loving it.

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Watched all five episodes in a row because I have problems.


  • I hate James Jordan. I always hate James Jordan. His ‘character’ is exactly the type that I normally love on reality TV, a proper wind-up merchant and manipulator, but for some reason he just gets to me.
  • Needs more Mutya Buena
  • Fancy that one named after a flower I think, can’t remember her name though. one of the sisters.
  • Nobody has asked Mutya Buena about when the MKS album is out
  • Brendan’s schtick never gets old
  • That blonde one from the two Chelsea folk has a very punchable face
  • Love the classic Coach Trip ‘someone has got really drunk and not they’re delaying the coach’ storyline

Wow, Jedward are such pricks.

Right I’m catching up tonight and if you’re lying here then we are DONE. Jedward are my boys

Jedward are too pure for this world.

(Won’t be seeing it until the weekend)

Dunno the history between them and James Jordan and obviously editing is key but they came across as unbearable.