Celebrity Elbows

Or Celelbows as it’s certain to be called going forward.

Name the celeb from their Spanish Archers.

Elbow 1

Elbow 2

Elbow 3

Elbow 4

Not enough eyes for my liking.


If any one of these is Guy Garvey I’m leaving the boards.

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Hmm, how shall I respond to this?

None of these elbows belongs to Guy Garvey.

No one’s stopping you from starting a celebriteyes thread.

Stupid idea though it is.

It is stupid. Almost as stupid as elbows.

God I love your eyes.

Elbow 1 = Tom Cruise

or that Fast and Furious guy

Elbows is the best idea I’ve had all day. And that’s up against some stiff competition.

But since you like my eyes so much, here they are.


And nope.

Is elbow 2 Hayley Williams?

No, but I can see why you said that.

It’s a male person.

number one is jk simmons

Elbow 4 = Helen Mirren.

1 = Trent Reznor?


Good work!


No, a younger woman than Dame Helen.

28 years younger in fact.