Celebrity facts that are just a bit weird



Steven Seagal is really good mates with Vlad Putin and is on present-giving terms with Alexander Lukashenko (Belarusian president/dictator).

Loads of mileage in this topic.


We went to see seagal play a gig in Glasgow many years ago, he never responded once to anyone in the crowd shouting out a cheesy line from one of his films, mainly under siege.
We were on a fucking boat at the time as well


Did you dream this!?


I did not Witches :grinning:


Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-Un is the other obvious one I guess.


You sure it wasn’t ty seagall and you just got the wrong end of the stick?




lionel richie once done a massive poo on a table in tgi fridays


Gary Newman is older than Gary Neville


Ha! I remember he toured but tickets were way more than I was willing to pay with no guarantee of seeing anyone thrown through a window!

He also has his own range of energy drinks. Called Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt. Which could also be his next musical collaboration.


Yeah don’t recall it being a cheap gig but as kids of the 80s who’d grown up with his films amongst others there was no way we were missing


That whole Justin Lee Collins thing was weird. Grim, and weird.


I recently went to see Kiefer Sutherland (absolutely NO idea why). He was terrible and it was super expensive but between the first two songs he said ‘DAMN IT CHLOE’ which was worth the ticket price alone.


Think he’s playing Glasgow soon :+1:


He is completely shit but at least he might say ‘DAMN IT CHLOE’.

Actually the worst thing was that he played a couple of Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard songs and all they really did was sharpen the focus of how shit his own songs were.


Kevin Costner played a few years back and I’m gutted I didn’t go see


That would have been awesome.


So fucking awesome


Odd Celebrity trios:

Michael Jackson, Uri Geller and Mohammed al Fayed

Chris Evans, Paul Gascoigne and Danny Baker (and Jimmy Five Bellies)


Hey Smee, last time you tried how many keepy uppies did you do?