Celebrity Instagramers that would be welcome on DiS

This is a thread to discuss solely from their Instagram content which celebrities would be good additions to DiS and which boards they’d post in and what they’d post.

I’ll start

Florence Pugh - Seems like a happy go lucky good egg, would be a regular on the social board and sending DM support when people need it

Natsha Lyonne - would be all over the great things on social media and shitposting threads. Would also be supportive of any projects DiSsers are talking about.

Jedward. No further explanation needed


Matthew Crosby

Just hanging round the HGATR Steely Dan thread


I don’t want any, sorry.

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Maybe one of the nice dog ones so long as they stick to the dog threads and don’t do sponsored content or spam it.

Ryder the Samoyed would be great, his parents are practically DiSers

he’s trying to start an instagram dog union, for one


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I don’t have Instagram so don’t really know who is good on there

It also includes celebs on Instagram not just Instagram celebs

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Ooof, @Kallgeese is out then.

:grinning::grinning::grinning: yep.

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Christopher Eccleston shitposting in the “the Queen is…” thread



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Most of the food TikTok people that go about trying different wings or burgers all the time would be fun.


I’d like one of these competitive eaters to take pictures of their meals.


Obviously Taika Waititi. Felt like his #dadsontour content would’ve been a big hit here, amongst other things.

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Does 205k followers count as celebrity? If so I reckon Arvida Byström would make a good Disser

Based on her Instagram content, Octavia Spencer would spend even more time in the Great Things on Social Media thread than @iamwiggy

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And Lou Barlow’s Instagram is basically a Daily Thread for his life, so that’d be fun.

Steve from the Wolfgang2242 account. Love him and love his dogs, his pig, his rabbit and his chicken.

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John Cena