Celebrity Irrational/unfounded hatred thread

Never heard him speak but Joe Wicks the body coach, what a fucking cunt


Proper weapon mate, good shout.

I pick some up from my cohabiter, i can only think of George Clark right now

HIs voice makes up a good 90% of my hatred for him Aggers. How’ve you gone this long without hearing it is beyond me.

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every one of my thoughts is george clarke

John fucking Mayer


I don’t think I can contribute to this thread as there’s nothing irrational or unfounded about my celebrity hates.

You can talk about Joe Wicks the body coach* if you want

*typing that out makes me very, very angry

Nothing irrational about not liking him - he’s a twat.

Matt Dawson

Griff Rhys Jones.

Not irrational or unfounded.

former world snooker champion ken doherty. I can’t remember why. I’m not sure there ever was a why

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absolutely hate the guy who plays Dev on Corrie. Can’t believe he’s managed to hold down work as an actor all these years.

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he always looked really ill to me.

Ashton Kutcher - could be ok - I don’t know. But fucking hell?

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Haven’t watched it in years but he used to make my skin crawl when I still lived at home and my Ma watched it.

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aside from Edmonds, that fucking Fred prick on First Dates

All of them

What about Stephen Mulhern?

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