Celebrity Masterchef 2017


who’s watching? early favourites?

was sad to see jim go but was inevitable i guess! slightly annoyed by ulrika being there but i’m more annoyed that people keep calling her ‘eureka’.


I like Dev. Seems like a solid guy.

Who went through in Jim’s week?


Hate Lesley Garrett so much.


First time I’ve seen a chef more overawed by the contestants than the other way round.


Ulrika is a lot more timid than I’d have thought. Seems a bit overwhelmed in this kitchen


yeah he seemed like he was gonna bomb out pretty early but he’s turned it around really well

dunno, i’ve basically already forgotten who everyone is!




just realised vic reeves and ulrika could have done stuff together if he’d stayed in :sob:


Looked it up. Henri and Angellica.


Again, I hate Lesley Garrett so much.


was fine til she started singing


Was just about to say she hasn’t sung yet then it started.



did gregg wallace say he’s built like a racing snake?
love it


How much does Nick Moran want to win this and become a professional chef?


stop wrapping stuff in bacon everyone


god, lesley is going to last a while isn’t she


bloody hell, ulrika was lucky there


Yeah, thought she was a gonner there


The Friday format is utter shite really isn’t it? 90 minutes is ridiculous. fuck the identification/skills test maaan.


'its masterCHEF not masterSALAD’
saw that in a trailer , couldn’t wait to see it live
didn’t disappoint