Celebrity Masterchef 2017


Fair play, that was a great effort in the time given.


I genuinely don’t know who any of the contestants are.

The woman with the dog collar is a proper cow in the kitchen (the female version of a bull in a china shop??)


Think she like Union J fella. She thinks Abdullah is funny but tbf his cooking is probably funnier than he is.


This episode has been absolutely shocking! Should send all of em home tbh


Gogglebox / comedîan / actor / boyband




wtf is that


the bread and butter :joy:


This geezer has had an absolute mare the entire time


Bloody love Andi Peters at least


His macho soup posturing there was wonderful


:rofl: omg


My mum is genuinely gutted about Union J lad.




Kate and Lesley Garrett in the same kitchen :expressionless:


not sure i can watch another episode with lesley garrett in might skip them.



Who’s going home then

  • Annoying Kate
  • Lesley
  • Dev
  • Presenter lady
  • Actor bloke
  • French bloke
  • Swimmer lass
  • Ulrikakakakakaaaaa

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Kate :rage:


Blue team are a state