Celebrity Masterchef 2017


Kate got left hanging with that high 10 she went for :grinning:


Brian and Henri are gone


That is one phallic looking dessert from the vicar


load of shite that, henri was one of the best ones until his apple tart

lesley ‘fuckoooooofffff’ garrett made raw eggs ffs


Yeah but he went on masterchef knowing full well he cant do desserts :smile: amazing he made it that far tbh


They’re at Stowe School tonight. I play hockey there sometimes, it’s on another scale of fancy. Kids are such brats that one of the chefs was done for poisoning the soup.


Becky crying at a piece of fish :joy:


That challenge was shite and the guests were surely some of the biggest dullards on the planet. Jfc.


Who do you want to win

  • Dev
  • Becky
  • Ulrika-ka-ka-ka-ka
  • Angelica

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Who will win

  • Dev
  • Becky
  • Ulrika
  • Angelica

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what kind of a name is Capability Brown ffs


I only voted Eureka because of a double whammy. Often on MC and especially in Celeb MC one contestant keeps getting through despite looking complete shite. Usually that’s because they’re pretty good at making tasty stuff that looks crap. So she gets away with giving them literally raw lamb to eat, presumably because her cakes are nice. And also there seems to be some sort of celebrity conspiracy to be nice to her, maybe they all know she’s had a hard life or something I dunno. To me she comes over as a right pain. But I reckon they’ll give it to her, even though obviously Angelica is the nuts.


FFS it’s a nickname! His real name was just run-of-the-mill Lancelot Brown.


Just caught up with this weeks. Dev is the best obvs.

Massive fist pump as they chucked Lesley out.

Angelica is great at the cooking but I can’t be doing with people who cry over how lovely their husband is/having to fillet a :flags:.
Ulrika’s Botox makes me feel very uneasy. Seems genuinely nice though, and reckon she might edge it this week.


expected ulrika to be quite annoying at the beginning but she’s been quite sweet throughout. i think they have gone a little bit light on her a couple of times but i’d say there’s always been someone who properly ballsed it up or just reached the limit of their skills that kept her in. she’s obviously got skills despite getting flustered and messing it up a few times. dev was pretty lucky to get through with his crispy pancakes, that plate was a mess.

kate deserved to go though just for being annoying and completely failing to take on the point that she kept chucking too much shite on a plate. that burger was a disgrace.

haha yeah, bless her. i wonder if there’s more to that though, i guess we’ll find out in the emotional backstory episode next week.


can’t believe i have this much to say about masterchef


Well she dumped off her first husband after a few months to get with him, being her current husband, so I guess that was a big thing.

Not even sure how I know this.

I quite liked Kate although she was becoming a bit of a parody of Northern grit… definitely tried too hard though with those puddings.


Kate was incredibly annoyingly boring on Gogglebox, but surprisingly quite likeable on MC.


are we all talking about the same kate?


You’re wrong!!


If you’re saying I’m wrong about her on MC then I will happily withdraw, but if you’re claiming she wasn’t mind-blowingly tedious on Gogglebox then I might have to track you down and fight you to the death.