Celebrity Masterchef 2018


Do I have to?

Gemma Collins is a reality TV star with no discernible talent and when the voiceover said 'we don’t Carr’s it seemed like they were acknowledging that they couldn’t name her talent.

I can’t believe you’ve made me do this.


I’d say a mixture. Definitely some work on the top half of the face.


Carol Decker really would do anything on TV


Sorry. Meant to phrase that as more optional, but thank you for enlightening me.

Who’s going tonight? It’s going to be Keith isn’t it.


Poor @keith


Anyone watching?

Enjoying the scotch egg making. And coconut cracking, irked at the acting thick that is continuing though


Carol was a bit hard done by there, but i dont care because I think pretty boy gets a pass for his ‘you don’t know who I am’ line.

I still hate Keith Allen


I’m not sure how Keith Allen and Carol Decker making pancakes while shouting across a shelf became acceptable primetime television. It was 90 minutes that episode. Like the most boring film ever made.


As, quite clearly, did Emma Kennedy.


Yeah I think there’s history there!


Thoroughly enjoying the age differences, aas evidenced by the utterly missed references being chucked about.

“Turn it up to 11…”
“Mine only goes up to 9…”

Happy days…


Emma Kennedy is old mates with Richard Herring, who has spent his whole career moaning about the time when him and Stewart Lee were getting going as students and Keith Allen turned up to one of their gigs and picked on them for being posh boys.


‘mad actor Keith allen’


Isn’t Keith Allen posh himself and like his daughter Lily ‘Voice Of The Oppressed’ Allen, basically a public school bod playing at being a ‘commoner’?


Well she went to a very posh school, not sure about mad Keith


Anita Harris is annoying isn’t she.


Jfc I’d pay good money for a live sky box office broadcast of a rocket firing Anita Harris into the sun.

John glassesandteethman has the patience of an absolute Saint.


This week I knew absolutely none of the celebrity line up. Seems like there are a few pushing the cooking though, as in bit better than your usual.


Danny Ings is a proper little Tory isn’t he? Shame that it looks like he can cook.

Shame to see Jean go, she seemed lovely.

Agreed with ^ there about Anita having a rapid, intimate meeting with the Sun.


Bread and butter pudding and crumbles need to be BANNED from this programme.