Celebrity Masterchef 2018


I tried very hard to dislike spencer, not having seen him on anything before, but he at least has a bit about him and… doesn’t actually seem too objectionable? fully prepared to rescind this assessment at any time ofc.


He’s quite clearly been getting cheeky cooking lessons from some posh chef who’s mates with his pater or something, but yes he’s at least playing the game and trying to make it interesting.





soz chaders


OMG Monty’s breadcrumbs


OMG his corn in the pan. Think I’ve cracked a rib from laughing so much


Huge fan of Dolly Partons relative, she’s great


My wife made me watch some of this last night because of her.

I don’t know if I have hit that age or what but I literally did not know who a single contest was, no idea whatsoever.


I didn’t even know the lady from the Bill and I watched the Bill a lot.

Wait - is you wife aware of the existence of Dolly Partons relative? I’d never heard of her either.


Yeah I have watched some Bill and didn’t know her.

No, I think she heard that Dolly Parton’s relative was on and could potentially be quite amusing.

We missed the first half hour so just looked at a summary. That one geezer is a furniture restorer? That is a celebrity. And the child is a dancer? What is going on?


The geezer is on some sort of daytime TV furniture antiques shows from what I could tell.

Young child is a dancer in strictly I think, which in relative terms makes him almost a household name tbf


I also knew none of them.


As if no one has commented on the aggy chef at the catering challenge from last week. That Friday episode was cracking :smiley:


Was too drunk when I watched it. Remind me?


This guy


Oh yeah.


Also was pleased to find out that my instinctive dislike of Gemma Collins due to my being a snob was actually morally ok, because she doesn’t seem like a very good person.


She got gradually less likable the longer it went on didn’t she.

It hasn’t been a vintage year so far, but hopefully they’ll have weeded most of the total dross by now.

Dancer boy was the only one I had a clue about, but since we’re Strictly watchers he counts as actual celebrity for us. The running joke is that he looks very young, ha ha.


Have we seen all of them now?

I can’t even remember the time before monty.

I think eastenders glasses and teeth man is probably the favourite??

Zoe lyons to go far too (I know who she is!!!)


I think this is the last week of heats.