Celebrity Masterchef 2019

Quite impressive to be the first off on a show where a guy serves undercooked chicken

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Surely the first person ever to actually go on a course to learn how to make boiled grains and then come on Masterchef and fail to boil grains.

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Always fast forward this bit. So tedious.

Good ep that. I didn’t see Razor getting through round 1 but have been pleasantly surprised.

Yeah that was good, apart from pearl Barley man they all seem like they’ve cooked at least one meal before, which is not what you always get. Nice lack of pretending to be an idiot too (e. G. No one handed chopping)

Stroganoff with footlong beef made me laugh.

Everyone ready@?!?!

Gregg’s faces watching Torode make desserts :rofl:


Love meme gifts on zazzle


Love Josie


John Torode’s Laugh

Poor josie :joy:

Who’s going through? Poll closes friday 9pm!!!

  • Josie
  • Dom
  • Dr bloke
  • Other lass

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I don’t watch Love Island, but my understanding is that Dr Bloke’s “story” was that he was really nice and clever but nobody fancied him. The evidence of this is that he’s just a rather dim bloke.

I find this hard to believe

Dom and Josie are great!


2night at 9. is anyone even still watching?!

I’ve given up

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But it’s ian beale tonight!!

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I am!

Thought last weeks contestants were really good, they could all cook at least a little bit.

no messing around/pretend idiocy reality contestant types. Diclaimer: I did quite like joey. A little bit…

I can’t help liking the tory old man, hope he’s not too tory irl.

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