Celebrity Masterchef 2020

I know who 6 of them are!
And I have seen Dom’s face but don’t know what he does.

Not one single clue when it will start, they haven’t decided yet.

It has all been filmed though.

Footballer, drag queen, tennis coach, blur song, don’t get done, apprentice, rower…

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footballer, blue peter, tennis, blur, postcode lottery, 'lympics

from those pics at least i can only tell you who 2 of them are but hardly surprising that they aren’t getting the top talent on series 973 or whatever it is now. still IN regardless.

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Postcode lottery! Jeff! Yeah I’ve seen him

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Guessing there’s a YouTuber and a bbc radio presenter in there…

he was married to jade goody and does lots of naff daytime stuff i think

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May have seen Sam somewhere on telly before :thinking:

former youtuber turned philanthropist and entrepeneur

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Must be someone from a soap on there too… :confused:


Lady Leshurr (to win)

Oh and Jeff from tv. I assume baga is baga chipz

nominating crissy for ‘strawberry risotto’ and sir matthew for ‘posh pub grub’

I know who half of them are. Pleasantly surprised to recognise Jeff Brazier after all these years.

*blur song + British magician :wink:


wwhich one is a blur song?

oh hang on, that’s famous rapper john barnes! i know three of them then.


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This is the balm we all need. Dom dishing up delicious delights. And a sir. And Judy Murray…

Predicting “hilarity” when Dom tries on Greg’s glasses and John gets confused over which one’s Greg and which ones Dom.