Celebrity MasterChef 2022

Paul Chuckle! Chris Eubank! etc!

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not sure i can be arsed but maybe

Oh you will absolutely adore Jimmy Bullard

Richard should be good


oh noo, hope they raz him for this but also it’d be so awkward. his defining moment.

If your monicker is “Mojo, reality star” then you’ve really made it.

Has there been a pro series this year or does that usually come later? I can’t remember.

“We’ve given you a larder containing small amounts of five staples from the only remaining producers left in the UK. Your task is to make an adequate meal, using no electricity or gas, and find a way to get someone to pay three times what they’d normally pay for it to cover your costs. Your time starts now!”

Definitely IN.


with this schedule, who knows"!!111

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It comes later and Monica is not doing it this year, they never announced if there was a replacement, I don’t think…

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For immediate release: our best talent has just left the show and we have no replacement lined up as yet. As soon as we’re ready to announce their disappointing replacement, we will let you know.


Giles Coren’s available. Very available.

Oh i forgot to watch this. Oops.

Watching first ep now.

Nice enough stuff.

Nancy’s shoes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::high_heel::high_heel: so impractical so excellent


Oh i forgot again

I guess ahm oot

Paul chuckle was trending on twitter and i literally gasped, didnt know I cared so much but i guess i do, glad he is live and cooking!

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Found myself constantly all sad last night thinking his brother is dead. He also just seems to be carrying that sadness too, which is heartbreaking.

Also Torode’s fucking translation of “Oeufs à la Neige”. Grr!

In December 2015, Paul was caught speeding in a 40 mph zone. As a result of his actions, he chose to undertake a speed awareness course, as opposed to accepting three penalty points and a fine. He reportedly stated at the time that he was “a careful driver” who had previously never “been done” in the fifty years that he had been driving

This is the type of celebrity I can get behind.

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Just watched the “quarter final”. Was hoping that Lisa Faulkner would at least once have said “john’s going to absolutely murder pronouncing this dish”

Wallace’s one man mission to ban putting mustard in mashed potato was hilarious. What a prick.

Eubank’s constant need for attention is painful

Watched a couple of episodes

Faye seems alright
Paul chuckle is great
The rest are boring