Celebrity Sexploitation

Did anyone see this on Channel 4 last night?

Former tennis guy / TV presenter (he has a very “oh I vaguely recognise him” face) Dan Lobb trying to find the person who secretly filmed him having a wank on Skype then released the tape online. Was a very weird programme, and it seems to have had a pretty poor reception online. Felt pretty sorry for him though.

Unfortunate surname


Haven’t seen it but surely this has alerted more people to Lobb’s Skypey lob-on than knew about it before?

Great name for a tennis player and a sex tape.

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If they’d called it this instead of ‘“Celebrity” Sexploitation’ he’d be viewed a lot more fondly

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Would watch.

Lob on, brave Lobb. Lob on

I think his opinion was that his career had already effectively wound down (though he wasn’t very forthcoming on whether that was related to the sex tape or just that he wasn’t getting much work anymore) and that given the tape was out there, this was a way to address it and try and make a statement about… something, and to try and process his own feelings about it.

He met Joel Dommett, the comedian, who had been caught in the exact same scam by the same people, and he publically talks about it in his shows.

He was on Daybreak and I think when that changed to Good Morning Britain, they didn’t take him with them on the revamp.

He’s fit tho. Not sure why they got rid of him