Celebrity shoutouts

Been spending a happy time browsing through this website where you can commission celebrities to record messages for you, for a (sometimes depressingly) small fee.

Found you can get some UK stars here if you prefer to keep it local:


Who you going for?

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Can we please crowdfund Shaun Williamson to pop onto DiS and talk about Weezer with us?

Is he a Weezer fan?

Can I get Shakespeare to do a shout of for Xylo’s birthday last week please? I will pay up to £8.50

I’ve read he’s a Hurley apologist

quite enjoyed the series of Wagner videos whereby he had no idea what he was singing

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chesney hawkes thinks alot of himself with that rate eh!

My first thought was “Pah, he can’t think he’s worth more than…” but when I scrolled through, I thought, fair play.

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Barristan Selmy is quite cheap and has an amazing voice.

Oh god just realised they have Paul Danan

Well it is:


sort by price:

dennis rodman - £780

the bro jaymuk (?) “instagram influencer” - £4

cheapest that i’ve heard of:

mike bushell - bbc news presenter - £10

Like the fact that Sylvester McCoy is £31 clearly to make him slightly more expensive than the riffraff in the £30 braket.


a mate of mine has paid Wagner to say some pretty weird stuff. Mostly aimed at his mates. He will say anything for money.


this has done me


pamela anderson lookalike - £20

why tho

You can get Roger Clemens and Jose Canseco to recreate some lines from Homer at the Bat.

Or get Jan, Stanley, Meredith and Kevin from the Office to recreate some scenes.

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£15, how’s that entrepreneuring going there then Chels?

afc Bournemouth’s Jordon Ibe was/is on there. Think his promo video looked like he was just on the bog

The town I grew up in had some community awards ceremony bullshit thing recently, and they’d got Barry from Eastenders and Dean Cain (amongst others) to record videos announcing the awards. I saw videos of it, absolutely bizarre.