Celebrity Sibling Opinion Split

  • Nevilles:
    Gary - Begrudgingly alright
    Phil - Boring shit

  • Corens:
    Victoria - odd delivery but decent, seems like a laugh
    Giles - Cunt

  • Mannings:
    Eli - Goofy scourge of evil
    Peyton - boring, in loads of shit adverts

Any more?


Poor old Pip :disappointed:


As a lifelong Manchester United fan, how long do you reckon you could wilfully spend in Phil Neville’s company. Can’t be more than 5 minutes, surely?


Fucking hell



Liam G - prick
Noel G - prick


That doesn’t fit in this thread. Sorry


Jed - Alright
Wood - Alright, enough now

  • Brownlees:
    Jonny - fucking Alistair
    Alistair - fucking Jonny

Not my words Michael, the words of @Antpocalypsenow


Ed Miliband - completely adorable smart nice person
David - supported the Iraq war, pompous horrible blairite


Ed Miliband - Unfortunate but probably alright
David Miliband - Definite serial killer


He strikes me as a legitimately lovely bloke in fairness just a lot shitter than his brother at everything (except cricket).


No, I’m sorry.



  • William Arthur Philip Louis - Honking establishment bore
  • Henry Charles Albert David - r0YaL pArTy aNiMaL w0o!!
  • Barbara - one of my favourite laughs, gerroudamapahb.


David Attenborough: national treasure
Richard Attenborough: dick


Marat Safin - creepy Putin lackey
Dinara Safina - seems quite nice


Other way round.


Solange Knowles - Cool, fun, likeable


Owen Wilson - Huge nose
Luke Wilson - Who knows


Laila Morse - good acting in eastenders
Gary Oldman - less good and seems a dick


Brian Harvey - stalactite
Zeinab Badawi - stalagmite