'Celebs'/vaguely famous people that follow you on social media

I’m sure we’ve done this before but I was prompted to make the thread when I woke up this morning to find Andrew Hung, one half of Fuck Buttons, had started following me on Instagram. For some reason the management team behind Steph and Dom from Gogglebox follow me too.

Is this thread an excuse to tell you again about Killer Mike leaving a comment on a photo from my stag do? Yes.

Not used instagram since it went non-chronological. :cry:
I’m not worth following on Twitter.

Just a few friends of friends from bands you probably hate

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Yeah they’ve really ruined it with recent updates. Push notifications seem to be really late.

No Bart in a wig?!

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If I was on Social Media I’d probably be able to boast of a good few A-Listers. Sadly for them I’m not.

Tom Robinson (2-4-6-8 motorway guy)
Edward Olmos - the guy from Battlestar Galactica
Loz Kaye (ex leader of the Pirate Party)

and like Ruffers, friends from bands, one of which currently has a thread going over at the music board.

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The Apprentice’s official Twitter account is one of my 30-odd followers on my personal account.

The British Ambassador to Paraguay follows me on my business Twitter account. That account is weirdly also followed by the Chocolate Rain guy and the guy who played Chunk in the Goonies (never seen it)

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A friend of mine went onto my facebook at uni and decided it would be funny to send friend requests to a load of random D-listers, so I ended up being friends with (amongst others) Beth (Dog the bounty hunter’s wife) for a bit

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Oh also, the official twitter account of the coalition government :smiley:

I bet Tom Robinson loves being the ‘2-4-6-8 motorway guy’ :joy:

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Get a bit nervous when threads are made about bands my flatmates are either in or were in (including that thread)

Amazing! What a ragtag bunch.

None really, but my old blog was followed by Blur, and I’ve been retweeted by David Baddiel, Peter Serafinowicz and Robbie Fowler. And Victoria Coren-Mitchell, but I saw her a lot for a while so that doesn’t really count.

Did the courts see it that way?


Far less sordid. She came to our place to play poker. Lovely lady.

my vitriol
local ni tv presenter Joe Lindsay

I think of him as being a DJ who plays music I like sometimes but who does quite annoying shows, then I remember “oh yeah, he’s the 2-4-6-8 motorway guy”

Lesley off Big Brother 5 added me on Facebook and then deleted me a few weeks later

Since yesterday, this band:

I do not know why.