Celebs who'll do any old shit

Alexander Armstrong
Nile Rodgers
Snoop Dog

I feel like I’d get kicked off Pointless (even though I would have gotten three pointless answers in the prog rock final round today) for refusing to call Alexander Xander.

Those who care about you shortened it to Alex

You decided that wasn’t good enough

You decided they weren’t good enough



As someone whose name is Alexander, I completely agree

Christopher Biggins


John lydon

Noticed a contestant called him Alexander today and thought it sounded weird, mainly because I don’t think I’d heard a contestant address him at all until then

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I’d call him Stretch


Oh and I got “One of These Days” pointless answer

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I’m an Alexandra and i would quite like it if it had been shortened to Xandra. I think it would make me sound cool.


I don’t know about Alexandra but you can shorten Alexander to Sandy
Might insist on being called that

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Yeah Sandy’s alright. I believe my mum vetoed Sandra, and I’m grateful to her.


It’s a fine line between Xandra and Sandra. And in fact I hadn’t ever realised that’s where Sandra comes from.

I don’t have a big issue with Xander as a shortening of Alexander.

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If i was called Xandra I’d insist that all the English speakers actually pronounce the X as an X instead of pretending it’s a Z, and I would throw things at them if they got it wrong


So are you going for Star Trek planet-of-the-week ‘exandra’ style, or more of a Star Trek guest alien ‘k’sandra’ feel?

There’s no E there. Speakers of other languages manage to start words with an X, I don’t understand why English speakers pretend they can’t do it

Big fan of people called Agnes going by Senga. Changing that to Xenga would be incredible.


I don’t give French or (some) Irish people a hard time because they can only say my name something like ‘tayo’. There are all kinds of sounds that different people can’t say properly because their native language doesn’t really account for them.

I think the problem with ‘X’ as a letter is that it’s fundamentally unnecessary in English since it’s ‘cks’ or ‘ks’. But I’m not really sure. I understand that for Greek translations you tend to get a Ch in English but, again, it’s weird to have CH stand in for K. Odd language all round, English.

Always got on my nerves that they made Patrick Stewart pronounce Xavier as “exavier” in the X-Men films. Nobody has ever said Xavier like that? Were they worried people wouldn’t clock that Xavier starts with an X?

I honestly think maybe they were. Hollywood is very ‘fuck subtlety’.