Celebs you've spotted recently (rolling)

On Monday I was in London and went to Liberty to see the Christmas shop with the TV, and we shared a cosy lift ride with Alex Kingston. She’s very posh.

Then yesterday I was in The Trafford Centre and walked past Marcus Brigstocke who appeared to be doing a spot of Christmas shopping.

Who have you seen recently?

Seen Professor Green a few times in Brockley, maybe he lives locally. He was with Reggie Yates last time, who nearly walked in front of a bus, but luckily another friend grabbed his arm and stopped him walking into the road.

Ben Whishaw buying some olives on Broadway Market on Saturday.

had to google the name. Pingu!

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Paul Pogba. Was in Manchester Piccadilly last week on my way up the road from The Cure gig, United were playing West Ham in the cup so he must have been on the way to the game. Was my mate that recognised him so he went over and had a conversation:

Darren: “POGBA!”

Pogba: “You!”

Cracking stuff.


I’m pretty sure I saw will smith around stoke newington not too long ago.

the will smith of the thick of it / veep fame

Think I saw the actor Noah Taylor shopping in Brighton at lunchtime today

Might just have been someone who looks like him though

Wiki says he lives in Brighton - so I’m saying it was the famous actor Noah Taylor

Think he had a bag from H & M

He is a definite Stoke Newington resident. Used to catch the 73 with him a few times.

Not really a celebrity, but I met Alan from Low last Thursday. Nice guy, pretty quiet.

He always seems to be everywhere.

Jay Rayner on the train from Milan Malpensa Airport to Milan Cadorna Station a couple of weeks ago.

John Barnes exiting Shoreditch High St station a couple of months ago.

Burt Young from the Rocky films was in the other day

it’s like the mecca of guardian readers’ comedy around here

Nigel Owen. Was waiting to get on the train I was getting off.

Walked past Frank Skinner just now outside the food bits by Brick Lane round the corner from rough trade.
I couldn’t really help getting quite close to him and inspecting his face a bit and he did a bit of a sigh. He’s shorter than I imagined. Nice wool overcoat though.
On the way back home it struck me that being on the Three Lions track means he’s probably shifted more records than most of the landfill indie filler in the shop.

bill murray

Saw Woody from British Sea Power in Booths’ car park a few months ago.

Guy who wrote those new Famous Five books that are now everywhere.

Marvin and Rochelle looking cream crackered in a homeware store in Epping two weeks ago.