Celebz you're a bit worried about


Kanye obviously.

The actor who plays les battersby.






Robbie Williams, although worried is stretching it a bit.


stacey soloman


Shayne Ward, saw him when he won the x factor, not seen him since. Thinking his comeback might be from an imposter like paul mccartney for the nostalgia tour


I mean if Jay Z has stopped calling then there must be something wrong




no idea

i’m a bit worried in case she’s important


Pete Doherty, Paul Gascoigne, Dale Winton


she’s the current treasurer of NATO


Doherty is fine now I think. Heard a thing on 6music where he’d been to the himalayas to detox and had made good with carl and everything.


Keanu Reeves

Robson and Jerome


It’s just a song:


Until a few weeks ago, i didn’t realise Jerome Flynn from The Game of Thrones was the same Jerome from Robson and Jerome




Weren’t you in Game of Thrones as well? Some real shaking my smh action going on rn.




He has a starring role in Coronation Street.


Prince Phillip. Reckon 2017’s his year.


not seen him in person since 2009 have I tho