Cementimental's new dungeon synth project "Disgusting Cathedral"

Been interested in this genre for ages but by and large despite the name it is somewhat lacking in both ‘Dungeon’ and ‘Synth’. So to remedy the situation I made this album, which is basically dungeon surrealism / how I imagined dungeon synth should sound before I actually heard any.

Hope you enjoy, there’s much more in the works because for whatever reasons, making weird atonal fighting fantasy music using a 4track cassette recorder is the one single thing my brain finds easy to persuade my body to actually do at the moment


I strongly empathise with the disjuncture of “dungeon synth in my imagination” vs “what dungeon synth is”

I’ll be sure to give it a checkin out

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Yeah, actually the ‘dungeon noise’ subgenre bothers me more since it’s 99% of the time not even Noise, but rather literally just the same as dungeon synth (ie casio keyboard twiddle de dee music) but even more badly played and recorded than usual

Thanks, hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Yeah I just had a listen to some Dungeon Synth and read about it

and it’s not what I’d expect although I’d challenge that it lacks ‘synth’. It call it more Medieval Synth though.

This is definitely more in the horror dungeon synth noise category. Nice.

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well yeah, I guess it depends whether you classify casio keyboard / General Midi as ‘synth’ :smiley:


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Maybe it’s because I grew up in the 80s but yeah, those are absolutely ‘synths’ to me.

I’m now interested in both what you categorise as a synth and how you categorise the sound termed ‘synth’ in the 80s then?

(Although they are obviously digital synths not analogue ones.)

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a synth: pretty much everything that makes sounds electronically including probably most supposed guitar setups

not a synth: what some metal nerds are doing when I semi-self-depricatingly mock them/myself