Census 2021

Hearing a lot about the 2021 Census coming 21st March to a household near you.

I assume everyone’s excited?

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haha let’s all put jedi!!


I keep getting sent recruitment emails to work for them, but I don’t have a car, so it isn’t suitable.

Yeah there ads are all over my podcasts


Can’t decide whether I am excited for it or excited about it


you think they’d ask you to fill in something that asked whether you had a car or not. idiots.

It’s from where places have got my email from applying for other jobs in the past.

Seems to be annoying the terfs so I’m all for it.


Because people are allowed to fill in form as they want, and the genital inspectors don’t have to approve it first?


Can’t really remember the last one. Does one person fill it out for the household or can you do your own details privately?

I think there’s an extra question on it now asking if you identify as the same gender as assigned at birth. Which is fine it’s just more data, but that’s enough for the terfs. No counter argument possible of course so they’ve been trotting out how it’s impressionable to teenagers…?

When was the last one? I’m thinking about twenty years ago, or was there a more recent one? Was BIG IMPORTANT STUFF in primary school.

I mean teenagers are gonna turn their whole life upside down to transition for the sweet sweet reward of ticking a different box on the census. Top priority.

Like that character in the Breakfast Club who has a fake ID for underage voting.


I’m going to be honest I don’t entirely understand why we need a census and how we don’t already have that information…on systems… :woman_shrugging:

It’s every ten years

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This is the system


Absolutely no recollection of the last one then!

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Was a hip young go getter at the last census. How depressing


I had a free trial of Ancestry a while back, and it has loads of census info from the 1800s, so you can find out where your ancestors lived and what they did for a job.

Turns out I’m descended from illiterate people who spelled their names different every time. However there were quite a few “gas stokers” and “dock hands” who lived to be 80+ so clearly some tough old genes going on there.

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