Census 2021

It’s every five years here. There’s talks of delaying the next one until after Covid-19 fucks off though.

ok i had a quick look on twitter and it seems like there are a lot of people distinctly unexcited by the census

LAWRENCE FOX: I just believe in freedom of speech and I hate it I hate all the censorship the censorship fucking sucks

As he is yelling this on the shore, a ship is in the distance. On it stands Captain Census holding his listening horn

CAPTAIN CENSUS: yarr lads thar be a landlubber who if I be hearin right says he hates the census ship yarr, let’s leave it this time yarr

CAPTAIN CENSUS is very sad and uses the hook he has instead of a hand to wipe away the tears coming out of the hooks he has instead of eyes

Back on land, everyone is absolutely losing their fucking rags at Lawrence Fox, the bellend

DONALD SUTHERLAND, FOR EXAMPLE: fucks sake Lawrence, I bloody love the census and you’ve ruined it for everyone

JUDI DENCH: you absolute shitter


It is well known that if you inform a teenager something exists they automatically become that thing.

It could be the census too, as a part-time historian I really hope not.

I am finding it weird how many targetted ads and stuff I’m getting, it’s not like we won’t be home for it.

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I can’t remember, either, but I think there must be sections each person has to fill out individually, otherwise it would be open to inaccuracies.

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No other family members could fill in all my details correctly because I’m not out to them, so really hoping I can get to do my section independently.





I was in the UK in 81, 91, 01 and 11 and I have never knowingly seen the census or filled it in.

No wonder our country is in such a state.



Ha unintentionally cryptic.
My mum would have filled in the first 3 and my wife likely the last.

Just meant your family absolutely can do it.

I vaguely remember filling in the last one, I m guessing my parents did it for me when I was a kid (I’d have struggled to complete any of the 1981 census as I wouldn’t have been able to talk, let alone fill in a form).

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Looking forward to Census 2021. Something different to do, innit?


I absolutely love the census but can’t even begin to explain why. I can’t wait.


Is this a reply to another post because I’ve read it a couple of times and I’m not sure what you mean.

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Used to use loads of census data in my old job. Big fan of a MSOA.

Yeah, just imagining sticking an album on and sitting down with something nice to drink and cracking on with the census

It’s given me six weeks of temporary work when there’s not much else about so it couldn’t have come at a better time


It’s because it’s a snapshot on a single day so it’s considered more accurate than tax / medical / council tax records etc. Plus it includes children.

Really valued by historians and genealogists. The 1921 one will be published this year and should give some insights into changes in the population after WW1.

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