Census 2021

No there’s just the word last missing. Last census.

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Oh yeah right, I understand!

Remember my mum getting very angry at me for insisting on putting Jedi down as my religion on 2001 census. Take that, mum! You’re not the census police!!

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I gave you my heart


Once bitten but twice shy
Asked your religion and you put down “Jedi”


Better not be paper only though, no way am I filling in a paper application for something for free.

Genuinely quite interested to see if the census data shows that my (rural) neighborhood has been gentrified. I really think it has but hard to find anyone who wants to talk about it and hard to prove.

might become a sovereign citizen and refuse to fill it.

i mean, i don’t think i’ll need to anyway since i don’t live in the uk but still.



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1991 - Mum filled it out probably.
2001 - Mum filled it out for sure. It was talked about a lot at school and we did a school one for fun. My moddies* teacher was shitting herself over it.
2011 - I was living in Texas and missed it. As such there will be a 20 year gap where my future grandkids will have no clue where I was. Take that, FUCKOS.
2021 - will be filling it out my my wife and two childs so that’s a good leap.

Looking forward to 2091 so I can find out what my mum wrote in it.

*moddies is modern studies, a fucking joke of a subject that was taught by a hapless teacher who knew they were rubbish

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Scotland’s is 2022. Not 2021.

That fucks everything.

Don’t go to the twitter page it’s full of TERFs annoyed that the question is simply MALE/FEMALE that is self ID only. No “born at birth” question. Also No “nonbinary” option either I note.

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so I think I’ve already got my letter for this but my housemate is moving out in 3 days… ‘does anyone else live here?’ yes. for three more days.

should i just wait and do it after she’s moved out?

You have to it on the 21st March only right?

Ah ok it’s not the census, it’s this: Be counted - Office for National Statistics

I’m just going to fill it in once she’s moved out, it’ll be easier.

If the whole point is that it’s a snapshot of the day of the census then you should do it accurately for that day, otherwise there’ll be omissions/duplications

* just saw your second post do you can ignore this

Is it time for another exciting DiS Census to coincide?

  • Boy is it?!
  • Boy isn’t it?!

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A load of my friends who have lost their jobs for Covid reasons are in this boat, and for that reason I am very pro Census. Some of them are completely unsuited to this sort of work and will probably do a bad job so I won’t put much stock in the results. Nonetheless, Viva Census!

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It might take a few years for the data to be crunched, but people at places like CASA will start to churn out maps and analysis on it. They definitely did it for 2011:


Because this is my line of work, I’m genuinely unironically massively excited about this!