Census 2021

  • I distributed and administrated the 2011 census
  • I did not

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CONcensus more like!

Maybe the census is inexplicably exciting because it’s like the incident that really gets the nativity play off the ground. Chorus number brushing over God impregnating Mary to set the scene (tactful not to dwell on that one imho) then you get the solid lads who’ve landed the objectively best role of Roman soldier doing their song about what a faff it is carrying out this blummin census, always gets the biggest laugh of the night out of the mums and dads.

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I think people just like filling out a form that has no consequence of failure


Sense Us

I barely know… us


Absolutely buzzing


Not to brag or anything but we got our access code today :sunglasses:



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do you have to this before 23rd of march or is that when it starts?

21st actually

My neighbours have started to receive theirs (the post all comes through at once in my building) but not mine. Ruining my buzzy census vibe.

It’s here! It’s here! My access form is here! (Actually arrived yesterday and I still haven’t opened it, it’s on the thingum in the hall)

Some info here if people want a separate access code from the people they live with to fill in info privately without them knowing- for difficult family situations, closeted people etc



Got mine too, probably going to fill it out with what I can only describe as ‘troll answers’

‘One respondent from Cardiff listed their occupation as “necromancer” under the “administrative services” category’


So fuming that the new housemate situation means my thrill of filling in census has been dampened. I literally don’t even know his full name and he doesn’t know mine so yeah that will be fun to fill it out especially as I’m with family ATM :frowning:

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If you’ll be staying at your parents’ house on census day I think you get added to their census even if you don’t live with them, think that’s what I read on the leaflet

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I’m not sure if I will or not! I need to go back to the flat at some point but I’ll feel more comfortable doing it if I have a flat sorted out by then