Central heating timer audit

7am - 9am
5pm - 8pm

No dedicated afternoon/evening sesh? Absolute #maverick

Got a nest one - no idea just seems to do what it wants the fucking prick.

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0630 - 0800
1200 - 1230
1630 - 1700
2030 - 2100
0000 - 0030

Because the heating comes on for half an hour at midnight?

no idea how to set ours to a timer, it just comes on at 17 degrees

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I’m always too hot innit, if I had it my way I’d have the window open throughout the night all year round



You have, yes.

It’s fine Tone, you do you my man.

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The problem is that we currently have no cladding or insulation on our building you see

Aha, that is a problem. Has this cladding been removed recently as an ongoing safety issue?

It’s been removed recently (without consultation or a plan for replacing it) due to it being “Grenfell style” however our building isn’t tall enough for it to have been a legal requirement. Latest update is that they think it might possibly be replaced sometime in February…

(In the meantime, the flat below ours have a newborn baby, no cladding or insulation and, thanks to a botched bit of maintenance, have had no gas for heating since last weekend. Absolute disgrace)

6-10pm only

Fucking wish I had central heating :frowning: gonna look at this thread like a Dickensian orphan at a sweet shop window.

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Fucks sake that’s terrible. Why are they doing it at this time of year the stupid cunts. Hope it all gets sorted swiftly man and you get a good replacement. I’m livid for your downstairs neighbours. Do you know who owns the building?


Peabody. Useless, useless c-words.

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Don’t need it, just put a jumper on


Comes on when the thermostat reaches a set temperature, not timed.

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Look everyone, it’s yer da!