Central heating timer audit

Do you find that to be a swanky useful feature richard?

And who’s left all these bloody lights on?

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I’m one of those food or heating people you hear about in hypothetical situations, so essentially when it’s so baltic I can’t stand it, and maybe an hour before bed as a treat.


Food is a good way of warming yourself tbf, weird how quickly it works.

just turn it on when i need it

don’t really need heat in the morning do you

i drink loads of tea when i’m cold

Good hand warmer too #lifehacks

You absolutely do if you’re planning on having a shower at half five in the morning.

Lucky for my instant boiler for this.

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Very useful, yes.

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6:30am to 7:30am (gonna move that to 5:30am)
6pm to 9pm (Gonna move to 5pm)

Just put it on when we want. Got a new thermostat the other day, programmed it and then my wife asked why I bothered and we went back to manual.

is the 12-12:30pm timer because you’re WFH?

lectric shower m8

lol timer


5.30am - 8.00am
5.30pm - 10.00pm

why have it on during the day for a half hour then?

I’ve got one of them, too. Tend to take my clothes off before using it, though.

wow, i didn’t know you were such a pervert

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