Central London (Bloomsbury, Westminster, Kings X etc) Reco's Please

I’m fairly au fait with central as I’ve been in a fair bit however just wondered if there are any particular pubs or cafes tucked away which you’d recommend.

Ideally looking for reco’s on the following:

Pubs - outdoor seating a plus if it’s nice
greasy spoons/Cafes - Bar Bruno & Silvio’s are my current ‘go to’ here but if you think you can top this…
Indian Restaurants - BYOB a plus but not essential.

Obvs there’s loads in central london, I know, but all reco’s welcome.


I’ll be staying near Cartwright Gardens btw so near that vicinity a plus but anywhere central really. Ta

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Old Queens Head

Caffe Tropea

Noxy Bros (Russell Square branch)

Dishoom (Kings Cross branch)

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Store Street Espresso - http://www.storestespresso.co.uk/
The Espresso Room, Great Ormond Street - http://theespressoroom.london/

There certainly used to be quite a few BYOB places on Drummond Street, just West of Euston. It’s been a while since I worked around there so can’t remember which one was best!

Also recommend queens head. Gonna go there tomorrow I reckon

This is a ~5 min walk from King’s Cross. If you like absolutely perfect croissants then it’s essential you go there

I like King Charles I on Northdown St for a small cosy pub. No outdoor though, maybe a better winter place

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Food and museum things:

Roti King
Miel Bakery
Honey & Spice
The Japanese Canteen
Half Cup
Fuwa Fuwa Cafe
Cafe Bao

Welcome Collection
Grant Museum Of Zoology
British Library
Canal Museum
Asia House


Beware the jar of moles. Nightmare inducing. Good shout, though - really like it in there.

The Harrison is a short walk from where you’re staying - nice pub, pretty chilled out. They put comedy on too, though only ever been for drinks. Few seats outside, if it’s nice.

if you want more of this the Hunterian museum underneath the Royal College of Surgeons is also good. Just don’t go in stoned and watch brain surgery videos

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Not exactly Indian, but Hawker’s Kitchen does fantastic Malaysian roti, dosa and curry.

Andrew’s Cafe on Gray’s Inn Road is great.

The bar at the Welsh Centre also on Gray’s Inn road is a nice change of pace if it’s open. Very old school feel, relatively cheap and fresh Welsh beers. Sometimes you get a Welsh choir in the background. The Calthorpe Arms opposite is another place with a very cozy, old fashioned feel.

The Racketeer is a very nice cocktail bar with a European feel. Not the cheapest, but the pints of pilsner in frozen glasses are exceptionally crisp.

There are some benches outside the front which are quite nice, though at this time of year they’re not a sun trap.

Few people recommended McGlynn’s to me a couple of weeks ago which is a great pub near King’s Cross, and lots of outdoor seating and room to stand outside

Cheers everyone. All very handy. Keep 'em coming. Ta

Went to an nice Ethiopian place near Euston once

Couple of vegan recommendations near Kings Cross:

Itadaki Zen