Centrist Dad/Elon Musk Musical Test


Hello. count how many of the below tracks (taken from Now That’s What I Call Dad Rock) you enjoy. BE HONEST.


yes, i spotted the Blink - 182 thing as well. idiots.



Zz top the best of the bunch


oh erm actually nothing it’s fine


twenty four


most embarrassing favourite on there?


About 20


Sum 41?


i was initially surprised it was on there but tbf there are now a lot of dads out there who liked that song


MGMT have to be a bit disappointed to be in there


One from disk one
Two from disk two
Two from disk three




it’s like finding your record in the bargain bin


I like 16 of them, can tolerate a few more


anyone who doesn’t like teenage dirtbag is dead to me

also do a poll xylo you lazy bollocks


And Run DMC


Mr Brightside? Mostly because they used to end every indie night in my hometown with it.


nnngggggg it would take soooooooo muuuucch effffoooorrrrt


Actively hate ten from disk one
Actively hate seven from disk two
Actively hate six from disk three


I don’t know Hozier or James Bay