Centrist dad

  • Yeah. Its a real thing
  • Embarrassing term that further polarises people and shuts down debate
  • Bit of both
  • What?

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what’s going on here mate?

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It’s okay. Its a phrase a lot of the young sexy left are using this week https://twitter.com/search?q=centrist%20dad&s=09

I don’t know
my dad loves corbyn
Maybe we should all use and talk about twitter less


pretty sick of getting old

The number one centrist dad is JK Rowling.


Life is.mich easier when I can apply a label to vast swathes of the population


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i genuinely thought this was a new brand of multivitamins

what even is this article?

Nah. At least, no more than any other website.

Centrist Dad was over when mainstream news outlets started doing explainer pieces and needlessly defensive columns from archetypal Centrist Dads started popping up everywhere.

Quite funny how definitely, absolutely, 100% proud of the term all of these columnists tell us they are though. Repeatedly.

It does depend on who you’ve chosen to follow, I admit.

Bit embarrassing all round tho innit?

Please find examples of the following posted on this site, and express this as a percentage of all tweets posted here:

Not really.

I dunno, maybe you just don’t like the actual term but what it represents is very real.

It’s a jokey term for an archetype, not stereotype, of person who does exist, does have an enormous platform and privilege, and who really does need to be challenged.

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I don’t think you’ve understood my post. I can’t remember any tweets fitting your description that have been posted on DiS, out of the many that are linked to.

I get what it represents and all but I really hate twitter memes


What you said was a massive dismissal of black and feminist Twitter, though. Sure there are people just posting jokes to try to get noticed but it’s a weird to say it should be destroyed for that reason.

Its main issue is that it isn’t doing anything to stop Nazis.