Centrist dad

  • Yeah. Its a real thing
  • Embarrassing term that further polarises people and shuts down debate
  • Bit of both
  • What?

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what’s going on here mate?


It’s okay. Its a phrase a lot of the young sexy left are using this week https://twitter.com/search?q=centrist%20dad&s=09


I don’t know
my dad loves corbyn
Maybe we should all use and talk about twitter less


pretty sick of getting old


The number one centrist dad is JK Rowling.


Life is.mich easier when I can apply a label to vast swathes of the population



basically this times a million

Twitter is a gigantic number of people who have synthesised the ‘everyone famous for 15 minutes’ concept into agonising desperation, alleviating their own feelings of mundanity by trying to appear important, usually with sub-Brooker pith.

Burn Twitter.


i genuinely thought this was a new brand of multivitamins


what even is this article?


you know that the welsh language doesn’t have any swear words? it’s impossible for the welsh to have serious arguments about anything. if only we stopped having slurs like ‘centrist dad’ then maybe the anglosphere could come together as one too.

no, i enjoy it, and i enjoy the bbc doing a think piece about it.


Nah. At least, no more than any other website.




Centrist Dad was over when mainstream news outlets started doing explainer pieces and needlessly defensive columns from archetypal Centrist Dads started popping up everywhere.

Quite funny how definitely, absolutely, 100% proud of the term all of these columnists tell us they are though. Repeatedly.


It does depend on who you’ve chosen to follow, I admit.


Nope. Not looking to be marckee’d either! (i don’t follow anyone - 99% of reading twitter comes from links off here. Tidal wave of the same shite every time)


Bit embarrassing all round tho innit?


Please find examples of the following posted on this site, and express this as a percentage of all tweets posted here:


Good god why? You’ve mistakenly believed i’m holding up DiS as a gold standard. None of us are doing that here, ever :smiley: