Cereal audit

What have you got in your cupboards right now?

Just a 30 pack of Shredded Wheat for me (plus porridge oats but they don’t count)

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0 cereal.

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24 pack of Weetabix with 3 remaining
An unopened box of Fruit ‘n’ Fibre

supermarket own brand Cheerios
Keloggs Blueberry wheats (Sainsburys have stopped doing them - what’s that all about?)
Rude Health Puffed Wheat

and Porridge Oats - does that count as cereal? I mean, oats are counted amongst cereal crops, but…

Nestle GoFree Honey Flakes
Asda own brand Rice Krispies
Aldi own brand wheetabix
Morrisons own brand gluten free porage
Aldi own brand malted wheaties

Do you not like cereal or have you just run out

Weetabix & Rice Krispies cheers

Also porridge oats but there’s no demand for them, because they’re shite

I only like Coco Pops or Honey Nut Cornflakes so only get some in when I really want some and have been on a toast vibe for breakfast for the last couple of months. Mrs Funkhouser doesn’t really eat cereal at all.


on countertop, NOT in cupboard

What would put you back on a “cereal vibe”? Is it the changing of the seasons?

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Yeah, when it gets a bit warmer I’ll probably switch back, or when the chilli Marmite runs out, whichever comes first.

Just Special K at the moment for me.

My usual go to is Shreddies, but I’ve been…over-using the toilet recently…so I had to reign in the INSTAFIBRE.

Chilli for breakfast? On toast? Yowzers!

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Chilli marmite, it’s not like I’m smearing a ghost pepper all over my Warburtons, don’t be a fool.

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just porridge oats but they don’t count

Some non alcoholic beer

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1 x nearly empty and very stale box of Shreddies
1 x nearly empty and very stale box of Cheerios
1 x nearly full and so it shall remain bag of disgusting Sainsbury low sugar nutty granola
1x 2/3 full box of delicious Aldi knock off chocolate honey nut clusters

I’d say shreddies (morrisons own brand) would be my ‘flagship’ cereal

  • I put sugar on my cereal

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Aldi own brand honey hoops (the only ones I like)
Lidl own brand bran flakes