Cereal for supper

As kids, we had cereal for supper more often than we did for breakfast. Turns out the GF’s family did this too, but it seems a bit ridic, so I wondered if the good folks of DiS (and @saps) did this too. Well?

what, cereal for your actual, proper dinner?

never had supper.

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I do this when I’ve had a shitty day and cba cooking anything. Didn’t do it often as a kid though.

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No, supper, like what I wrote.

Before we were sent to bed, we had a bowl of cereal.

I don’t recall having supper very much as a kid.

Food after dinner? That’s just for when you’re stoned isn’t it? I wasn’t stoned much as a kid.

Unimaginable. Cereal strictly rationed to last the week.

and then got woken up a short while later for dinner? idgi

I would have crunchy nut cornflakes as a late night snack everytime my mum and dad were out. Not sure if that counts as supper but yeah, it was my 90s/2000s before bed treat of choice.

Can’t remember the last time I had cereal.

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This is one of those meals-by-different-names things isn’t it.

We called evening meal ‘tea’ and had it about 5pm, then ‘supper’ before bed. Supper was usually a slice of toast or cereal, sometimes it was a crumpet and those were the best days.


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This whole sorry mess of a thread was inspired by having crunchy nut cornflakes for the first time in years yesterday. They’re so, so good.

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oh right…
to me, supper is just a different (wrong) word for dinner.
Thought you were just having cereal as your only evening meal

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Used to have cereal in the evening but mainly cos my stomach wasn’t good with milk in the morning (now it isn’t good with milk any time of the day lolol) and I’ve always had horrible motion sickness, so cereal + bus to school wasn’t a good look.

Sometimes have cereal for dinner when it gets really hot.

It’s supper dupper

@mods close this shit down

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Just practicing my Scottish accent

Am I the only one who first read the thread name as Chance The Rapper. ?

I’d always have cereal and warm milk before bed growing up. Well, probably more as a teenager/ in high school. I’d never do it now as I try not to eat later than 10.

Quite often as an adult cus I’m laying down almost a grand a month on clothes for work.