What cereal are we into at the moment? I’ve never been that into it, but I’d like to give it a real go this year.

We can even use this thread to reminisce over cereals that have been discontinued, but please, nobody pretend that Kellogg’s Start was anything other than average. Try and have a bit of decorum.

Weetabix, porridge, crunchy nut cornflakes, cocopops. Don’t eat cereal more than once or twice a week if that tbh. Recently tried the oreo cereal, it was disgusting.

All about that Curiously Cinnamon at the minute, despite not being a big cinnamon fan

Bought cereal for the first time in about 5 years last week.
Weetabix innit. :+1:

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old man stuff. bran flakes, porridge. fml.


Pecan and maple crunch, and granola of course.

2 weetabix, honey, semi skimmed

Every weekday mond-Friday for my entire miserable existence

Every day I have plans of getting up earlier and making something (anything) different but I always run out of time, and I can get my bix and milk from the cupboard and onto the table and in my belly in about 3 minutes flat

I eat Sultana Bran every fucking week day lunchtime. My shits are pure.

Normally an apricot wheats man, but have recently been caning this stuff:

Also one single piece of whatever 'er indoors is having, dry, after she’s fussed over pouring out the perfect amount.

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coco pops
Honey nut clusters

Basically anything that shaves a bit more off my life expectancy every morning

Fruit n Fibre. The same cereal I’ve been into for the last 25 years.

Don’t like the taste of milk so I only like cereals that make it taste different so coco pops and crunchy nut cornflakes mainly but I’d say I eat cereal maybe three times a year or so.

Weekday: 5 weetabix, 400ml sweetened soy milk, 1 sliced banana
Weekend: sometimes have a bowl of porridge, banana and chia seeds

Well that’s because it’s vile


Makes me feel genuinely queasy when I see people drinking a glass of milk. Not just regular but nut, oat, soya, any of that shite.


Nobody in their right mind would drink a load of non-moo milk

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I give it 10 posts before one of these weird creeps claims to.


Apricot / blueberry wheats here

Although I have yoghurt for breakfast just as much

What, it’s not your cereal I’m nicking