What cereal you on?

Got some honey loops atm. very unfilling actually

Not Special K

Fruit n Fibre always and forever


Cold so porridge

Aldi knock-off shreddies with oat milk, and if there’s any berries in the fridge will lob them in too.

Crunchy nut is the best but I think it’s probably just diabetes in a box.


5x weetabix and a banana, with soy milk.

Only like Coco Pops or Honey Nut cornflakes cause I don’t like the taste of milk so usually have one or both of them on the go for a bit then get bored and end up throwing loads away.

Curiously Cinnamon. Not as sugary as the other tasty cereals.

Currently Kelloggs Corn Flakes. 1st box in about a decade, only bought them out of desperation as there were no own brand Shreddies in Tezzers. They’re fine, but will probably go another decade before purchasing again.

Just dont have milk with it

Think fish are a big fan of cereal - they see a real, they eat it!

One for the #anglers out there

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Mmm yes I can’t wait for a nice big bowl of dry cereal. Get real.

I am getting real - in fact, I’m getting (ce)real!

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Mmm I don’t like milk, let’s fill this bowl of cereal up with it and then eat it as quick as possible so I don’t have to endure this substance I’ve unnecessarily put in. What a way to start a morning!

Chocolate weetabix :drooling_face:

I like coco pops and honey nut cornflakes cause they make the milk taste nice. If you knew me at all you’d already have that information and wouldn’t have just steamed in and embarrassed yourself yet again.

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Had a hefty crunchy nut addiction in the panny d. I’d have like 3 bowls for breakfast. Pure crack.

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handful of crunchy nut straight from the box into the gob, a nice little treat

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Not on cereal-book.

Toast, yogurt or porridge normally for me.

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