Chain emails

forward this to 10 friends or u gon die etc

presumably people start these things to see how far they can get, right? to try and get as big a chain as possible.

how do they know how many people it ended up with?


all right, 2003


I think you’re putting more thought into this than they do tbh.

but say you made the best one ever and it literally made it to every single email address that was ever created, would you even find out that you had won?

You would not.

I’ve had two of these on FB messenger recently. Very retro.

Did an actual chain letter as a kid, seemed well exciting at the time.

someone posted one to twitter of a shit FB messenger one that was going about. just got me thinking about what the point was?

Imagine you met the love of your life, your actual soulmate, and then you learned that they forward chain emails.

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but you don’t know if it came from china via two people or ten thousand?

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forward this to 10 people or you will never find ur soulmate

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my auntie shared this the other day, presumably uncaring of the layers of ironic nonsense

I don’t know… this is one of the two I got.


a angel

is it some sort of rule that all chain letters must include at least one spelling mistake?

‘A Angel Care’

Just to make sure that they come first in the Yellow Pages.

I always wonder if something really bad did happen to someone who’d happened to get one of those shitposts, well, basically. They’re shit by dicks for cunts.

Angel Care Chain
1000 for All Cancers
Old Blue Last


might start one of these for atheist prayers

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plus special guests